A lot of my compositions began to lend themselves to a letterbox format, and some of them are reproduced below. Clicking on an image will open a larger version.

Passing Through   Watercolour and ink

Passing through

Market Town   Watercolour and ink

Market Town

The format was interesting to work with, but because the paintings were watercolours on paper practical problems with framing arose as they became increasingly wider.

Untitled   Watercolour and ink


River   Watercolour and ink


Journey   Watercolour and ink


Evening Sun on the Hills   Watercolour and ink

Evening Sun on the Hills

The solution to the framing problem was to paint the image in three panels separated by blank paper, reading from left to right, top to bottom, so that if the three panels were joined end-to-end they would form one continuous image. The edges of the panels were not masked but carefully followed, giving them a painterly feel.

River Story   Watercolour and ink

This painting follows a river from its source in the hills to its confluence with a larger river.

River StoryJourney to the Sea   Watercolour and ink

Journey to the SeaPort City   Watercolour and ink

Port City