The Highlands Revisited

On my last trip to the Scottish north-west I deliberately left my big sketch books at home, and undertook the self-imposed assignment of trying to portray the immense vistas of mountain and loch on paper no bigger than 15 x 20cm (6 x 9in). I soon discovered the advantage of completing work quickly, before the ever-changing light conditions altered the scene too dramatically. Stable weather is one thing notoriously (but happily) absent in the Highlands. The small book was also less unwieldy, and I was able to simply sit on any convenient rock for a few minutes whenever a suitable subject presented itself. Below is a selection of some of the drawings.

EPSON scanner image

Loch Eilt

EPSON scanner image


EPSON scanner image


On a more personal note, sadly my wife and I made this trip alone, as our dog Chasca, our faithful travelling companion for more than thirteen years, died shortly before we left. This photo was one of the last, taken on a trip earlier this year, camping on Rannoch Moor, gazing towards the distant mountains of Glen Coe.

IMG_4472 PS

Chasca and me

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