The Process…

…is the provisional title for this piece; black ink drawing on paper, approx 50cm x 40cm.

Process 1000

I’m expecting that the first reaction will be some confusion at what initially seems a random series of lines and dots, as there is no hint of shading or colour to help with the definition. Hopefully this will invite closer inspection, when it should resolve itself. The town depicted doesn’t actually exist, but is a product of my imagination, and the industrial works that intertwine about it – the ‘process’ of the title – serve to tie the image together. Working with black ink on white paper has an advantage over working with paint, in that I can carry on even when reasonable daylight isn’t available, a common situation at this time of year.

Below are a few close-up details to give a better idea.

Process detail 1

Process detail 2

Process detail 3


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