Pipe Dreams

My Ideas Book is where almost everything starts, usually with a hazy outline that progressively becomes more concrete. Most compositions evolve through several incarnations before they become either finished pieces, or pieces put on the back burner, or things discarded altogether. I have been fascinated by pipes for a while– and I haven’t altogether finished with them yet – and the following sketches show some stages in the progression of an idea for two industrial buildings linked by pipes, as in some outrageous works.

Below is the initial idea:

EPSON scanner imageThe next image is of a further development:

EPSON scanner imageI liked the way the pipes in this next drawing seemed to be reaching out to the second building, as if embracing it:

EPSON scanner image

Belowis the latest version where the pipes have taken on a more unnerving aspect, as if they are grasping at the second building like a drowning person would reach at a lifebelt. I may take this idea further yet – time will tell.

EPSON scanner image

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