Book Cover

I have made my novel, Dark Snow, available as an ebook on Kindle, having just finalised the cover design. As you can see, in my writing I use the psuedonym Chas Camaia.

DS thumbnail

This is a brief synopsis of the story, as it will appear on the back cover of the print version when I get round to publishing it on Amazon:

‘Fifteen-year-old Lucinda Glancey always felt she was different, as if she was an outsider looking in on life. Even so she is stunned to learn that, through her mother, she may not be human at all, that the blood in her veins may reach back through the millennia to a far older species; a species unswervingly committed to the protection of all animal life against the relentless encroachment of human beings.

Anxious that her close relationship with her undeniably human father may be under threat, Lucinda is pursued by merciless persecutors, all the while facing the most important decision of her young life; a decision so profound it could spell the end of all humanity.’

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